Taking away confusion & frustration

Taking A Closer Look At Why So Many People Are Frustrated and Confused

When It Comes To Finding The Right Option For Generating Income During Retirement.

When considering an annuity for retirement income purposes, many consumers are initially intrigued by the idea of having a guaranteed lifetime income stream, but oftentimes become rather disenchanted after learning that most annuities also tend to have relatively low upside growth potential, level income payments (no inflation adjustments), and little to no liquidity/flexibility.

When considering a stock market-based portfolio for retirement income purposes, most retirees like the idea of unlimited upside growth potential, but often feel genuine concern with how unprotected their money is from a potentially serious market downturn.

Many retirees feel pushed and pulled all over the place by competing advisors or by commission-driven product salespeople that are not held to a fiduciary standard of advising their clients based solely on the clients’ needs and best interests and not their own potential compensation.

This reality can and does create a substantial amount of confusion in the mind of the client as to which “option” they should really be considering for best meeting their retirement objectives, and sadly can often lead to a retiree feeling pressured into a buying decisionthat they may ultimately come to seriously regret.

Additionally, we believe there is a serious void within the financial planning community when it comes to advisors being truly skilled at not only helping clients transition correctly from the accumulation phase of life into the income/preservation phase of life, but also adhering to the fiduciary standard of placing their clients' best interest about their own.

In spite of the frustrations that so many retirees have experienced with their investments in recent years, there are still sound methods available for achieving growth, income, and preservation of principal within a portfolio with limited downside risk.

Stephen Creed Smith

Protect Your Retirement

with Symphony Financial Group

Stephen Creed Smith has more than 25 years of experience in protecting the financial lives of clients and ensuring the safety of their investments. This Oklahoma native’s interest in caring for other people’s money had a humble beginning. As a High School student and later as a Business Major at Central State University, he worked his way through school as a Bank Teller sparking his lifelong fiscal fascination and instilling his dedication to integrity at a young age.

His progressively responsible path in the world of finances led to him receiving his Insurance license in 1991 and his Securities and Exchange Commission license in 1995. He later launched Symphony Financial Group, a financial planning firm that aims to help retirees coordinate their financial plans and provide a level of certainty in an uncertain world.

When he isn’t helping clients develop safe financial plans, Stephen and his wife enjoy traveling, motorcycles, and collecting and playing guitars.

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